2016 is right around the corner, and I can’t wait. Not only will the second book in the Shadowside series, Harsh Gods, come out in the fall of 2016 — come mid-January, I will have a solid date for the release of the first of three novellas that take place in between the main books.

The novellas are mini-adventures that focus on Zack and one other main character from the Shadowside series. There’s action, of course (it wouldn’t be the Shadowside without something dangerous going on), but the overall story puts more of a spotlight on the characters themselves — especially how they relate. My goal with these novellas was to create stories that stand parallel to the main books — they are not exceptionally spoilery, and, while the action of the novellas is reflected in the main series, you won’t be lost if you miss a novella in between reading the main books.

The first novella, Promises, puts the spotlight on Zack and Lil. It picks up shortly after the epilogue of Conspiracy of Angels.

Here’s a very tiny taste to whet your appetite:



“Come on, Zack. You’ve been putting this off for days,” Lil complained.

The little earthenware jar sat on the table between us while the clock in my kitchen measured seconds at tortoise speed. I rubbed anxiously at my jaw, the light growth of stubble rasping against my palm.

“What if it doesn’t work?”

Considering what was trapped inside, the jar didn’t look like much. Fired terra cotta, it was a little bigger than my fist with a wide mouth stoppered by a cork. Dark red wax drizzled down from the cork, sealing it on all sides. An intricate sigil was stamped into the wax. It pulsed faintly with power.


to be continued …