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In Asian folklore, it is believed that energy and spirits travel in straight lines. This is the reason behind the swoops on the roofs of pagodas – to redirect unwanted energy and spirits.

Chinese geomancy, known in part to the West as Feng Shui, suggests that energy can get trapped in places where there is no good flow, especially small and cluttered portions of the home. So, at least within the context of that worldview, houses with cramped attics and crawlspaces would at the very least be prone to build-ups of stagnant and possibly negative energy, if not also spirits.

If you live in a home with crawlspaces and cluttered rooms — especially cluttered attics and basements — it is important to be mindful of the energy that builds up here. Think of the dust and cobwebs that naturally gather in these dark corners of your home, and consider the kind of vermin that might be attracted to living there. The spirit-realm is no different: cluttered and forgotten spaces naturally gather build-ups of stagnant and unwanted energy, and that energy can begin to attract the equivalent of spiritual vermin, and even predators.

It’s a good idea to go through a periodic housecleaning — on both the physical and spiritual levels. It’s not as hard to spiritually clean your house as it might sound, and if you combine it with a physical house-cleaning, it becomes much easier to focus on. Simply clear out these cluttered, dark corners, throw out what you no longer need, and as you rearrange, clean, and clear out the junk, also focus on clearing out the energy, any lingering, stagnant emotions, and any unwanted entities that might have been attracted to those neglected spaces.