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An open-minded mother asked me, “What is the best advice you can give for helping a psychic child deal with their gifts?”

First thing: it’s already a great help to allow children to be open about their experiences. Buy encouraging them to talk, ask questions, and communicate what they are experiencing, you help combat any fear they might harbor because those experiences, at first, seem strange.

Try not to make them afraid or ashamed of their perceptions – just talk openly and normally about these things. If you put too much pressure on the experience, you run the risk of biasing the child either to become evasive about the experiences or to begin seeking attention with them. You want to encourage genuine experiences, not fantasies spun to meet perceived parental expectations, and the best way to do that is to make those experiences just another normal part of life, like spelling or brushing teeth.

Teach kids good boundaries. Let children know that simply because they see spirits does not mean they must always accept those spirits into their space. Emphasize that most spirits are just like people. If the kid doesn’t want to talk, she can politely ask them to go away and maybe come back later. She also shouldn’t feel obligated to help or fix them simply because she can see them. Let her know that often talking to them is help enough – acknowledging that someone can see them. But that again, like living people, she has a right to her privacy and alone-time, and she doesn’t *have* to talk to them if she doesn’t want to.