A Place to Explore

You have wandered here through the labyrinthine twists of the Internet. Some of you may know me already, either through my non-fiction or my work on TV. For others here, this may be your first introduction. Either way, this page is one of discovery. I am not as widely known for my fiction, and many of the fans who have discovered me through television are still learning that I began as — and will always be — a writer. Fiction and poetry, lyrics and songs, these things rest close to my heart, yet ironically, they have become not the focus of my career, but an addendum to it. In many ways, they are my refuge. But they remain a significant part of who I am.

As you will learn in reading this, many of my stories come from dreams. I have always been a vivid dreamer, immersed as I sleep in epic tales with intricate storylines and full casts of characters. Many of these dreams are reflections of bits and pieces of my waking life, but others seem spun from whole cloth, occupying vast worlds to which I happily return. Not all of these translate into full stories. Others consume me until I’ve written them out in some form. As the years have worn on and I have focused on my non-fiction writing, too many of these tales have languished on my hard drive or in notebooks — some as fragments, others as brief snapshots of scenes, complete unto themselves yet hinting at a larger work. So I’ve decided to make a place for my fiction here, to share.

Not everything you read here comes from dreams, of course. And not every dream is radiant or beautiful. There are dark twists and passages in the deep places of my mind, and I make no excuse for them. The eldritch children of those shadowed realms entertain me as much as a writer as the comely and elegant ones. I’ve been reading Edgar Allen Poe since 2nd grade, and Bradbury, Lovecraft, and Stephen King since shortly after that. October Country remains one of my favorite collections to return to again and again — I think it shows.

I share things here because the life of story is in its telling, and very few of these tales will ever find an outlet by any other means. And if these little tales manage to inspire your own stories and dreams, so much the better for all of us.


4 thoughts on “A Place to Explore”

  1. Cecilia Wilson said:

    Thank you Michelle for sharing your work with us. (hugs)

  2. Beautifully written, as always. I enjoy this blog and look forward to each entry.

  3. Most of my work comes from dreams as well. It will be interesting to read someone else’s for a change and I just know I will enjoy them!

  4. I love following you on Facebook but you seem to have disappeared again. Must go looking but this is better. I like your way with words. I also like the fact that you seem to be just who you are without apologies! I admire that!

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